Mysteries of New Orleans

"The tenor and alluRe of Alice Wilson-Fried's OUTSIDE CHILD is steeped in the mysteries of New Orleans, and some of its secrets are revealed in, her debut novel."

                                      Gary Phillips, Author of BANGERS


"OUTSIDE CHILD is a fast, gripping read - an inside look at a foreign country hidden deep inside the glitter of New Orleans.

This book epitomizes the reason I co-founded the San Francisco Writers Conference.  The author has a captivating story to share and a mesmerizing voice--and should be read.  Now."

                       Wendy Nelder, Co-founder, SF Writers Conference 

A Creole Stew...

"Outside Child" is a creole stew of crime, politics and southern manners that give the true flavor of New Orleans before all that water washed away some of the spice.  The sibling relationship that's central to the story evokes Walter Mosely's Easy Rawlins and the colorful relationships that make that world so exciting.

                                                         Kevin Arkadie, Writer/Producer, "The Shield"



An African-American Voice Telling a Modern Day New Orleans Story

OUTSIDE CHILD, by Alice Wilson-Fried (Komenar Publishing)

An "outside child" is born of an unmarried woman and a married man.  In highly class-conscious New Orleans, this will still cause problems among the people who are quick to judge and have memories stretching back for generations.

Ladonis is an MBA graduate, now working for a paddle wheel cruise line.  When her boss falls over the end of the boat, it may be accidental or a suicide.  But disturbing ambitions of the rest of the management team cause her to wonder if it was accidental at all.  She must rely on her street smart brother HeartTrouble to help her solve this murder.

Alice grew up in New Orleans and uses the city in a way no other author has.  Pay attention to the piers along Woldenberg Park.  Alice is, to my knowledge, the first African-American voice to tell stories of modern New Orleans.  The next book in this planned trilogy will take place during Katrina.

I loved this story and look forward to the next installments.


Jackson Street Books - 2301 South Jackson St. Suite 210 - Seattle, WA 98144

Remarkable Debut in Atmospheric New Orleans Novel

A fascinating new character makes an entrance in Alice Wilson-Fried's OUTSIDE CHILD (Komenar Publishing).  In pre-Katrina New Orleans, we meet Ladonis Washington, the sole black employee in an otherwise all-white public relations firm.  Ambitious to a fault, she attempts to ignore hints of the firm's double-dealings, but when a friend gets chewed up in the blades of an excursion paddle wheeler, she finally decides to investigate.  Attempting to help, but just as often muddying the already-stagnant waters, is Ladonis' dope-smoking brother, HeartTouble, a man not averse to running a few scams of his own.

Heavy on atmosphere and character, CHILD evokes a New Orleans that is, sadly, no longer there.  But in these pages, all the wiles and woes of the seductive city are trotted out as Ladonis prowls its now-vanished streets and waterways, experiencing its crumbling tenements and moss-draped oaks, glorying in the city's spicy gumbo of blacks, whites, Cajuns, Creoles, Indians, and alligators.  Ladonis makes such a memorable debut that I hope this outside child (slang for illegitimate) returns soon to stick it to The Man.

MYSTERY SCENE, Issue No.102, Reviewed by Betty Webb, Small Press Reviewer

Riveting Story...

"In Alice Wilson-Fried's debut mystery, Outside Child, pre-Katrina New Orleans comes alive again with patois and poignancy.  Fast paced, down home and real, Outside Child rivets you to the page, keeps you turning pages and brings back a vanished New Orleans.

-Cara Black, Author of the Aimee LeDuc Series